Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: A Slow-twitch Odyssey (part 1)

And the saga continues .......

Following the triathlon and cycling introductions of 2009 as well as new bicycles for the entire family at Christmas, 2010 had loftier aspirations.  First up was Julian who ran a 5k in the February cold with his Aunt Lesley (my sister and fellow blogger of Racing It Off fame).  He ran a quick enough pace to take 1st place in the Under 10 division and leave his aunt out of breath.  She has since gone on to complete a marathon and Julian will be trying to set a new 5k PR on New Year's Day.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

How it began ....

TRI for Success.  Hmmm, clearly that's a reference to triathlons, right?  Wait a minute!  A quick glance at the About Us page reveals only our oldest son Julian has ever even done a triathlon.  Angelia has her first triathlon targeted for August.  Me?  Knee issues have me doubting my ability to ever run well enough to complete a tri.  Still, it may happen at some point.  Really this blog will be about a family and its activities in the world of endurance sports whether purely cycling, running, or full blown triathlons.  It will also include numerous tips and techniques for success in the demanding world of endurance sports.  Besides, a single triathlon back in 2009 served as the catalyst for all of this in the first place.