About Us

Age Group: 35-39 (and no longer a Clydesdale)
After growing up riding mountain bikes on country roads in Virginia, cycling disappeared completely from my life after a few years in the metroplex.  Roughly a decade later I rediscovered the joy of riding while teaching Julian some basic skills for his first tri.  Before I knew it I had committed to riding a couple events with the Pepsico cycling team, the Cheesy Riders.  Each of those events presented some tough challenges to me but later that year my wife gave me a road bike (my first ever).  I focused on training in 2010 towards a strong Livestrong Challenge in Austin, an event that kicked my butt in 2009.  After a dedicated summer of training with some help from Joe's Coaching I conquered the 65mi route with over 3000ft of climbing and felt great afterwards, much better than I felt after a mere 22mi the year before.  2010 was a success, but what lies ahead?

Age Group: 40-44
A former junior tennis player, she starting cycling with Julian and I just over a year ago.  In a daring feat she took on BikeMS as her first cycling event, completing 66 miles on day 1.  A couple months later, she started training for 5k's and her time has improved at each event.  The focus returned to cycling long enough to train and complete the 45mi route at the Livestrong Challenge in Austin, a route with around 2000ft of climbing, before capping off the year with a 5k run PR.  A triathlon in 2011 is in her sights.

Age Group: Under 10
A natural born endurance runner, he completed his first triathlon at the age of 7.  He also has done several 5k's including taking 1st in his age group at the 2010 Tal Morrison Classic where he helped push the pace of my sister and fellow blogger Lesley (Racing It Off).  Most importantly, his desire to do a triathlon was the catalyst for my return to cycling and my wife's return to running and discovery of cycling.  At the moment, he's the only member of the family with his USAT card.

Age Group: Gonna pitch a fit if they don't create a category for under 6
This little man is pure athlete with a motor that won't quit.  USAT has no events for those under 6 years of age which is unfortunately more than 2 years away.  Swimming? 50m is no problem.  After that he'd likely roll onto his back to catch his breathe for a few seconds and then do another lap.  Biking? Refuses to ride less than 2 miles.  Average speed is 4.5mph on 12" wheels with a max around 10mph (no kidding, documented on my Garmin).  Running?  He has run alongside his mom for as much as a mile.  I believe a kids tri of 50m/3mi/.5mi (like Julian's first) is definitely attainable.