Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Why No Bling?

So, all you runners out there that follow my sister's blog Racing It Off are well aware of a challenge she has going on called Run For the Bling of It.  If you haven't checked it out yet then follow the link and take the challenge.  New participants have till the end of January.  She's also done a review and giveaway for medal displays called Sporthooks which are great for showing off your bling.  One problem ...... us cyclists just don't seem to get bling.  Why not?

Now, runners don't always get bling but they sure do get it a lot more frequently than other disciplines.  There's bling for completing a race and nicer bling for placing in your division.  Cyclists and runners both tend to get shirts at events.  So what do cyclists get consistently?  Water bottles.  Yep, bike rallies love to give you a water bottle in your goody bag.  Usually these are the cheap variety with a hard plastic top that will shatter the first time it gets dropped on the tarmac.  Then what do you have to show for the event?  A mess on the road and a dehydrated body.  Besides, most cyclists have specific water bottles they prefer.  For me it's the CamelBak Podium Chill.  I really don't like using anything else for a number of reasons.  Perhaps I should change the slogan at the top of this blog to read "The family that tri's together gets an awful lot of water bottles!"  There's at least 30 in my kitchen, then another 10 gone either due to broken tops, mold, or becoming a Scooby snack.  What's the point when I use the same 2 every time?
Scooby loves water bottles.
Race vs Rally.  Could it be because more running events are races while a lot of the cycling calendar is rallies (unless you do crits)?  Nah, I don't buy it.  A lot of runners aren't out there racing to win, they are doing what a lot of cyclists do at rallies --- giving their best to complete a distance that meets the standards they've set for themselves.  Medals (even when they're made of plastic) are a way of acknowledging that accomplishment.  Makes a runner feel good to get that bling after crossing the finish line.  Heck, I've ridden events where you couldn't even find a finish line.  That's a bit anti-climatic after 3 to 4 hours in the saddle over 100k.  What do you think cyclists --- should we get bling too?


Lesley @ said...

Even as a non-cyclist, I think you should get bling! Bling is a fun way to mark and remember a good effort. And I agree... 99% of runners never really expect to beat anyone but themselves. (But it is kind of cool knowing we can register for the same events as elites.)

Tri4Success said...

Good point about being the same events as elites. Triathlons cater to both crowds as well. The top cyclists skip rallies for the most part. The exceptions are charity-based like the Livestrong Challenge where Lance, other members of Team Radio Shack, and the occasional celebrity ride.