Monday, June 27, 2011

A 9yr Old Training Week

Well, it's obvious my training "mojo" has been MIA when every post lately has been about Julian.  This is yet another.  We started tracking his triathlon-related workouts and thought I'd share what a week of training looks like at age 9.

Monday - Rest

Swim  - 30min lesson at the Rockwall Aquatics Center of Excellence.  Minimal talking, lots of swimming.
Run - 30min light jog with Angelia.

Bike - 45min Cadence Intervals (10x 30sec high cadence w/ 1min recovery + warmup & cooldown).  Julian had done this before but was ready to give it another shot (follow link for video).

Swim - 30min lesson at the aquatic center.
Run - 1hr15min track practice.  Coach Barrett of Rockwall Running Center and the Mustangs Track Club had him doing tons of sprint work.

Friday - Rest

Bike - 1hr Hard Intervals (5x 2min hard with 5min recovery + warmup & cooldown).  Ideally we would've taken him for a long "steady-state" ride but I was fried from the morning group ride and Angelia was fried from a 9mi walk/run at the lake.  Here's the summary I put in Training Peaks for this workout:

On the trainer .....
15min warmup
5x 2min "all-out" in a harder gear with 5min recovery

Julian's version of "all-out" is more like threshold. On the 4th interval I stood next to him and kept him going. His cadence would get up to 100 and I'd have him shift to the next gear. He was vocal about how much it hurt but I pointed out his legs could do more, look how quick they're still spinning. That interval he put the suffer on but recovered nicely. Now that he knew what it felt like to really push, I told him the last interval was up to him. It would be a test of his will. He didn't push quite as hard on that last one but it was much better than the first 3. He rounded out the hour spinning and still had plenty of energy the rest of the day.

Swim - 1hr10min Open Water lesson. A ton of swimming here .... and a lot of progress.  A triangle course was set up in the water which Coach Sean and I both estimated at around 75m.  Often he was doing 2 loops of the course before any rest (and rests were brief).  By the end, a beach entry was included to complete the experience.  No idea how much he swam total but it was a lot.

So, how do you think his week stacks up?  Should we tell him there's another potential shot at IronKids in Oklahoma City on August 21st?


B.o.B. said...

great workouts for him! so long as he likes doing them, keep him at it. he could be the next Macca!

btw, did you do any OWS??? hmmm?

Tri4Successmom said...

BOB@ no OWS for tri4success dad! Not yet he will be there.

One thing we have learned in the 9 years of Julian. If he does not want to do something he doesn't and nothing will make him do it! I have no idea where he gets that from.LOL

Miguel Vieira said...

Is it Macca in the making or Brown Lee the third?!
Keep it up so I can brag about reading about him when he was young

Colleen said...

I just want to say kudos to you all and your family! I love hearing how hard he works. :)

Ironman By Thirty said...

Finally remembered to add your blog to my Google Reader. Love it! I love the fact that your whole family is training/racing together. Such an awesome idea.