Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lake Ladies and Swimming Strong

One thing I forgot to mention in Thursday's post was that Angelia is racing this morning.  She is running the opening leg for a 4 lady team at the Lady of the Lake Relays.  The relay legs are 5.25mi, 3.75mi, 5.25mi, and 3.75mi which amounts to 2 laps around White Rock Lake, an extremely popular location for runners and cyclists in Dallas.  In fact, that's where my Blazing Saddles Duathlon is tomorrow morning.  I hope she has a good run with her running buddies this AM as our young 'uns sleep in and I type this blog.  I've got the Tour de France on in the background as well (still can't get over Thor's win yesterday - awesome!).  Usually we watch the TdF together but there won't be time today as tonight is date night (translated: sitting amongst a mass of teenagers for a showing of Harry Potter).

Yesterday, both boys had swim lessons.  They usually don't have lessons on Friday but their coach will be gone as of Wednesday and we're cramming in some extra sessions.  She will be missed as she got nearly instant results from both of them.  Plenty has been written on this blog about Julian's progression on the open water front where he recently swam a mile.  In the pool it hasn't all been triathlon oriented - he's gotten very proficient at the backstroke and his fly is getting good as well.  Meanwhile, Connor went from goofing off in the pool to SWIMMING.  In fact, I think this picture might give you an idea of just how far along he is:

Yeah, that's a 4yr old about to enter the 50m pool (the 25m kids pool is behind him).  He did some freestyle with flippers, backstroke, kickboard drills (with and w/o flippers), and finished off with a little freestyle sans flippers for about 400m worth of work.  I think I've been downgraded to 4th best swimmer in the family.  Here's one more pic.  He's in the yellow SwimStrong cap in lane 5.

That's a long way for a little man!  I really hope he keeps approaching his swimming aggressively when he switches coaches.  His second triathlon in October should be quite a different experience from his first.