Thursday, August 11, 2011

Everybody Races

Continuing my current streak of rarely posting .......


Saturday will be a warm-up as Angelia, Julian, and I all ride a local bike rally - Hot Rocks.  They'll be doing the 13.5mi route and I'll be taking on the 57mi.  Last year I cramped badly in both quads about 34mi in so I'm looking for a less miserable experience this year.  Meanwhile, Angelia has challenged Julian to beat her but he doesn't seem to motivated by that.

Julian in his Cheesy Riders jersey
at last year's Kids Showdown
Sunday is a different story.  Angelia will kick things off with a 10k at The Hottest Half & 10k.  This event is held at popular White Rock Lake and is early enough it shouldn't be completely brutal.  Later in the day for the rest of us is the Rockwall Criteriums.  First up will be my first ever bike race, a 40min crit at the Tech Park for the 35+ Cat4/5 field.  Not long after that is the Kids Showdown where the big kids like Julian do 2 laps (about 2mi) and the little ones like Connor do a 1/4 lap.  Julian did this last year and enjoyed it even though it is very brief.  Then, when the sun is at its hottest (and we know it has been HOT) I will have the opportunity to race in another 40min crit as part of the standard Cat 4/5 field!  Yep, first 2 races ever in blazing heat the day after a 57mi bike rally.  Clearly I'm an idiot.  One thing is for certain - surviving this gauntlet will be a good indicator of what I can expect at my goal race, the Cotton Patch Challenge.


Mike said...

Busy weekend of racing! Good luck and have fun!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

The thing that I dont get with crits, they have them late in the day when its flipping hot, it sucks

B.o.B. said...

omg! i'm excited for your races. i watched a crit once and almost passed out from nervousness for the riders. lol! (my bike fear knows no bounds!) best of luck to all of you.

and yes, the running kool-aid can take some time to get down. keep at it and i'll keep at riding.

Colleen said...

Wow... busy weekend for the family. Hope you all had fun! :)