Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Bully, the Blogger, and Those That Tri

The Bully & the Blogger
Oh, Blogger, how you managed to screw this up.  As most everyone in the blogosphere is aware, Blogger was down for a full day.  In the process they rolled back to an earlier version of the site and had to restore any posts or comments made after a certain point.  Well, I had one of those posts so if you haven't seen it (and with only 2 views prior to the outage and 0 since the restore I'm guessing you haven't), then check it out here - The Bully Computer.  To make things more interesting, those that subscribe by email received an email featuring a post from early March!  Really?  That makes no sense in the context of the outage so no telling what other symptoms may arise.

Those That Tri
Tomorrow is the Classic Rock Rotary Sprint Triathlon, a local event for me with a lot of familiar faces participating.  You know that little tagline at the top of this blog?  The one that says "The family that tri's together, wins together!"?  Well, we're putting that to the test.  Angelia will take on the 300m swim, I will do the 20km bike, and Julian will finish it off with a 5k run!  A true family triathlon!  And yes, Connor is aware of his role as cheering spectator.  We're looking forward to the race and wish luck to all of the competitors, especially Keith, Jessica, and the many we know from Team Tri-ProSoap.


Michael said...

I think it's so cool you are doing the team triathlon as a family!! And with Julian's mad 5K skills, I bet you guys will do very, very well! Good Luck!

Blogger....oh blogger....I'm just glad I didn't have anything posted that day, but it did lose my comments and those never came back.

MomSwimBikeRun said...

Best of luck!!! I know y'all will be great. (How'd I do with my first y'all?)

Jason said...

Good luck with the family tri. Hope it was a scuccess.