Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Randomness

Wow, where to start?  It's been a strange week since BikeMS (read the recap here).  In honor of Cinco de Mayo let's just break it down into 5 parts.

Uno - Angelia
Prior to BikeMS my wife had been having some headaches which were presumed to be allergy related.  On Monday the headaches returned but were more severe.  By Tuesday she wasn't up for doing much of anything.  By Wednesday .... her legs went numb and she couldn't walk.  Yep, you heard me.  There was a trip to the ER for a number of tests including a catscan.  Everything came back clean, they doped her up on morphine, and we were sent home.  The basic diagnosis was an atypical migraine which apparently can cause stroke-like symptoms (loss of feeling in legs, arms, or a side of the face are common).  As of today she has feeling back in her right leg so she's able to get around with the use of a cane.  The headache remains so no idea when this will all resolve itself.  Needless to say she is tired of the couch and would love nothing more than to run, bike, or swim (more on that later - see Cinco).

Dos - Me
Before everything went nuts I managed to get in my first run in several weeks on Tuesday.  It called for a 30 minute jog and I knocked out 3 and a half miles at a 8:32 pace.  I felt surprisingly OK though my calves were absolutely screaming the instant I stopped.  It wasn't until today that I finally got back on the bike - 5 full days since day 1 of BikeMS.  As the training plan for the week was already trashed I just rode how I felt which turned out to be fairly fast.  It was a quick 27 mile out-and-back route that I rode around a tempo to threshold pace with a few aggressive climbs thrown in.  My legs were apparently hungry for a ride.

Tres - Connor
This weekend is Connor's first ever triathlon - the Hooty's Kids Triathlon.  He's got a 25yd swim, 1mi bike, and 1/2mi run ahead of him.  The original thought was that this would be no sweat for our little 4yr old athlete.  However, his swimming ability seems to have disappeared over the winter.  He would swim for hours in the pool last year but now I'm worried whether he'll even make it across the pool.  Luckily assistance is allowed since it is an unsanctioned event.  He's very eager and excited though, counting down the days, and riding his bike regularly.  He's gonna be a proud little man when he gets that first finishers medal!

Cuatro - Julian
Julian will be doing the Hooty's Kids Triathlon as well at double the distances.  I think he plans to attack it pretty aggressively but in the end it's a warm-up event.  The Buffalo Creek Kids Triathlon is a local event he's been targeting (he did the 1st one they ever held a couple years ago).  However, there's something else on his mind.  Something big.  Something called IronKids - Round Rock.  It's got him very focused and it's going to be an interesting experience for all of us.

Cinco - Ruby
There's a new addition to our 2-wheeled family, a new Specialized Ruby.  It was time for Tri4SuccessMom to upgrade to carbon and she's been dying for pink so here it is:

As you may have guessed, she has yet to take it for a real ride.  She does have feeling in one leg though so I suggested this workout from the blog.  LOL

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Good luck to the kiddos and I hope "the wife" feels better soon!