Friday, March 18, 2011

One Pictorial Deserves Another

No, my 4yr old didn't do a brick today (though he's done one before).  He did however have a t-ball practice.  As a bonus my mom is in town and was able to snap a few photos for me (thanks Mom!).  For those that don't know Connor, this boy has been waiting for baseball for 3 years.  That is no joke - you should see the videos I have as far back as May 2008.  Here's a shot of the little man back then .....

He spent a lot of time practicing alongside his older brother.
Check out that throwing form.
And helped out the Moms side in Julian's end of season Mother-Son Game.

Including some moments of glory.
3yrs old here.

Now he gets to play catch and run bases for real.

Sure, he gets help from Daddy (Coach) sometimes ......

But the determination is all his.

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