Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week in Review

I just realized its been a week since posting any kind of update regarding my training as the last 2 posts have been a collection of photos of my 2 boys, Julian and Connor.  So without further delay .....

Monday - Rest Day!!!
This was badly needed after my long ride and brick intervals.

Tuesday - Running intervals with plyometric exercises
53 minutes at the gym, 35 minutes of that was on the treadmill for a total of 3.64mi.

Wednesday - Single Leg Trainer
65 minutes, not about distance but registered as 14.32mi.  This was a good workout.  Power numbers were up across the board and I managed a full 2 minutes on my right leg at one point.  Big win!

Thursday - Light Jog
30:01 for 3.04mi.  A poorly calibrated treadmill led to this being faster than planned.  Thought I was just feeling off when I backed off the pace a couple minutes in.  The data ended up showing that I was still quicker than the pace I had targeted.

Friday - Recovery Spin
Had 90 minutes on the calendar but only got in 52:11 for 13.75mi.  All I'll say is everyone's OK but there's now a rental car in the driveway.  Ugh.

Saturday - Long Ride
Around 3:50 on the road.  3:18 moving time for 51.08mi.  The rest of the time was tending to a fellow rider's flat tire and a pit stop around the 32mi mark.  Great ride on a new route for me and the 2 souls who were kind enough to join me.  I served as navigator which meant my Garmin stayed on the turn-by-turn directions and I ignored the usual stats for the vast majority of the ride.  Almost like being a kid again turning onto unknown country roads and just riding for the sake of it.  Well, except now I'm faster and it hurts more.  Similar to last weekend, the first half was a nice tailwind and the return trip was a bit of a sufferfest.  I handled it much better this time and didn't feel like a weak link in the paceline for once.

Sunday - Recovery Spin
1:25:38 for 17.44mi.  A nice, relaxed ride with Angelia -- as relaxed as it can be when in constant headwinds and crosswinds.  Very rarely got the benefit of a tailwind on our route.  Goal was simply spinning while maintaining a low heartrate - Mission Accomplished.

This week:
Bike - 6:41:45 for 96.6mi
Run - 1:05:06 for 6.86mi
Other - 17:44

Last week:
Bike - 7:13:11 for 107.64mi
Run - 59:17 for 6.12mi
Other - none

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