Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Pictorial Brick

This afternoon Julian did a quick brick workout as the Fast & Furious Duathlon is only 2-1/2 weeks away.  It ended up being about a 3/4mi run, 5mi bike, and 3/4mi run --- about half the 2mi/11mi/2mi event that is coming.  As he's still perfecting his post-athletic endeavor interview skills (every answer is, "Good."), I'll just share some photos.  Enjoy!

No pics from the first run but here he is about midway through the bike ride.
Coming up on the end of 5 miles, rounding the corner with nice form and a race-like focus.

Towards the end of the second run leg.  Looking a bit fatigued here.  We're working on eliminating that sideways arm movement.  Oh, and check out his new Nike Free running shoes!

Yep, he's pooped.
Time to rehydrate.

If you think he's looking tough now, wait till he gets comfortable on his new ride ---


Michael said...

Awesome job Julian - you rock!! What great pics. So cool he is rocking the BRICK!

Mike said...

That's fun! Way to have your kids in to exercising as a fun thing to do vs. something they should do.