Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Have a Score to Settle

With my early season focus in the rear-view mirror (the duathlon), it is time to conquer my demon from last year - BikeMS.  Anyone who's been around charity cycling events knows that all types complete these rides.  Imagine how frustrated I was last year when I completed the first day of the ride (86mi) only to wake up with severely inflamed IT bands.  I never got a chance to ride across the finish line in Fort Worth's Sundance Square on day 2.  Instead it was months of therapy (after adding a case of jumper's knee to my woes) and short rides until the pain hit.  For weeks those rides were only 6mi long.  Yep, you heard me, 6 miles.  I recovered to finish the year strong at the Wish100 and the Livestrong Challenge, but now it's time to finish BikeMS!

Once again I'll be riding as a member of the Cheesy Riders, a Pepsico cycling team that supports a number of charities.  One cool perk about participating in these events with this team are the jerseys.  People are always commenting on our Chester the Cheetah influenced designs.

However, this event has a minimum fundraising amount in order to participate so I need your help.  Perhaps you've noticed the BikeMS logo at the top of the left sidebar on this blog.  Please take a moment to click it and help fight MS with a donation as little as $5.  Every little bit does help.  If you aren't familiar with what multiple sclerosis entails then take a moment to learn about it here.  It's a very scary disease but progress is being made daily thanks to the fundraising attached to events like this.  Please help.


Jason said...

I will donate for sure. I have done this the past two years but sitting out this year. The ride to Fort Worth is littered with climbs so good thing you did not ride with that IT band.

Enjoy it this year.

Dawn said...

Way to go! I really like the Cheesy outfits:)))
I'm doing my MS bike tour this year as well.
Settle the score:))

Tri4Success said...

Jason, you did a half-IM - BikeMS doesn't quite fit the training plan does it? ;-) I really appreciate the donation.

Dawn, which BikeMS tour do you do? On a team?

Lesley @ said...

I still want my cheesy jersey for being a repeated supporter of the cheese... some day... but no, you're still not getting me on a bike! Donation will come soon, as usual.

Tri4Success said...

2 ways to get a jersey. 1) Fundraise $250 or more as a member of our team for one of our big rides (whether you ride or not!) - BikeMS, Tour de Cure, Wish 100, or Livestrong Challenge. 2) Pay $50 for the jersey and help out in some other way (i.e. volunteer at a rest stop)

Jonathan Rohr said...

That jersey is pretty slick! Of course, you would get a few additional cool points if you could install a tail.