Friday, April 8, 2011

Wake up legs!

Wow, it's Friday already which means I should be feeling ready for some nice weekend rides.  The truth is my legs seem to be on their own timetable.  The Fast & Furious Duathlon was on Sunday (recap here) and while I competed hard I didn't feel near as bad post-race as I have in the past.  So why are my legs taking so long to return to normal?  Monday was a rest day, went for a recovery spin Tuesday, then another rest day Wednesday.  By the time I was scheduled to go out for a jog on Thursday I should have felt great.  Instead the legs were heavy, tight, sore, you name it ...... and that was before the run!  Just walking around the office I felt like an old man.  Oh well, I stuck to the plan and put my time in anyway.  I followed that up with another recovery spin this morning.  It was my first weekday morning ride in quite some time but the goal was to get out there before the winds really picked up.  That, and it was only 71 degrees compared to the 88 it will be later.  The plan this weekend calls for a couple 2+ hour tempo rides then more rest on Monday before I have to really kick it back into gear.  The alarm is going off ...... wake up legs!

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TRI714 said...

odd on the length of recovery. I'm guessing food/fuel. I'm glad you guys are getting some great weather. It will come around. It could be nothing too. heres well wishes to you !