Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swim, Bike, but not much Run

Swimming: The boys have triathlons coming up in May.  Our little 4yr old athlete will be doing his first tri at the Hooty's Kids Tri.  It's a non-sanctioned event where parental assistance is allowed every step of the way.  The course for his age is a 25yd swim, 1mi bike, and 1/2mi run.  Julian will be participating as well but his course distances will be doubled.  The bigger focus for him is our local kids tri in Buffalo Creek a couple weeks later.  That one is sanctioned and timed.  Only one little catch ...... the boys hadn't been in a pool this year!

We solved that problem by getting the boys over to our state of the art aquatic center for swimming evaluations last night.  Julian surprised us with better swimming form than we've ever seen from him.  I think he's truly committed to this triathlon thing this time around.  Connor was a superb swimmer last summer but will likely take a little longer to re-acclimate to the water.  Anyway, we heard back from the center the next day and they each had their first lesson which went very well.

Cycling: For Angelia and I, the next event on the calendar is BikeMS in 2-1/2 weeks.  She's planning on doing the half day rides each day (ride to lunch then shuttle to finish) so her riding volume hasn't changed much.  She's not a fan of the wind (who is?) but has gotten out and fought through it (I keep pointing out it's useless to avoid it.  It could be windy at BikeMS after all.).

It's a little different on my end as I have a score to settle (detailed in my last post).  Last week was a bit of a recovery week after the Fast&Furious Duathlon but even then I managed to get in over 100mi on the bike.  This week is really stepping it up.  I've had back to back interval sessions the last 2 days - 10min threshold on Tuesday and shorter "all out" bursts on Wednesday.  There's easier stuff lined up the next couple days but the weekend rides are getting longer.  I suspect I'll hit 170 miles this week and even more the next.
Tuesday's Threshold Intervals Wednesday's "All Out" Intervals
Running: Well, this area has been lacking.  After the duathlon, I had one 30min jog and that's it.  The focus is 100% bike this month so I don't expect that to change on my end.  Angelia, meanwhile, has been dealing with a "mis-behaving" left pelvis which has negated much of her scheduled run training.  She did however set a new 5k PR about a week and a half ago but I wasn't there so no race report yet (She's feverishly typing one next to me.  Expect to see it soon.).  Even though the training has been non-existent as of late, she will be running (as will Julian) in the Springer Stampede this weekend.  Asked about her planned approach to the run, she replied, "To survive."  I have a funny hunch once they fire that gun she'll take off full speed ahead!  You may have to wait to hear about it though.  Once again I won't be there as Connor and I have another obligation - baseball pictures.

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