Saturday, April 2, 2011

1st Quarter Retrospective

So, I sat at my computer this morning with the thoughts of writing a first quarter review and darn it, MomSwimBikeRun has already beaten me to the punch!  It's been an interesting start to the year for all the blogging world as we shake off the winter rust and get primed for target events.  For me, not only did the training start to kick into gear but I introduced my family to the blogosphere with these 3 posts:

How It Began
2010: A Slow-twitch Odyssey (part 1)
2010: A Slow-twitch Odyssey (part 2)

If you're just joining the party, give them a read for a look at the genesis of our active lifestyle.

For 2011, it took all of one day for Julian to show he was faster than a speeding bullet at the Superman 5k.  Angelia set a PR as well.

I came face to face with the harsh reality of Off-season "Fitness".

I started running for the first time.  Less than 2 weeks later I ran an unexpected 5k on my training run.

We competed at the Texas Motor Speedway Duathlon ..... and came home with bling!

Angelia ran her first 10k.  It was more 5k bling for Julian and I at the Trinity River Levee Run.

Julian joined me for some brick intervals.  Then he did it again a week later with his new bike.

Connor had his first t-ball practice.

We closed out the 1st quarter with 5k PR's for all of us at the Green Door 5k.

Immediately followed by a t-ball game.  Go Tigers!

For the technical side of the review I don't have numbers for Angelia or Julian but here's my monthly volume so far this year.  Not quite where I want it yet but we're getting there.  At least the numbers are trending up!



Dawn said...

This is awesome! Like how you're keeping track of all the mileage!
We did this last year- my kids and I...and all did a triathlon together and a few races. Much more fun and inspiring when you have a goal together!
Nice work:))

MomSwimBikeRun said...

Nice recap! Sorry I beat you to it. hahahaha