Sunday, April 24, 2011

Random Tidbits

It has been crazy hectic lately and each day there is a blog post I never get around to writing.  So, before things get forever lost in the shuffle here are some brief snippets from the past several days .....

Thursday - It's a Lifestyle
Whether it's triathlon, cycling, or running we've all heard the phrase "It's not a sport.  It's a Lifestyle."  What could be better proof than this photo.  We finally had a chance to enjoy a family night out for a movie so what does Julian wear for a trip to the theater?  Yep, a Capo cycling cap, yellow cycling glasses, a Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop t-shirt, and a yellow sweatband (worn on the elbow instead of the wrist).  The whole look screams, "I'd rather be riding."

Friday - Jamming for Japan
Friday had a 2hr tempo ride scheduled but I only had time to squeeze in 1:15 in the now freakishly common high winds.  Why cut it short?  Well, I play in a band and the other members are both teachers.  One teaches at a high school where we annually play a few songs to cap off their talent show.  It's always hectic getting the sound set up for a short set but the kids go absolutely nuts.  By far the most excited crowd we play to each year.  Anyway, this year all the proceeds went to earthquake/tsunami relief in Japan.  It was a rockin' night that left us all tired.

Saturday - From Dawn to Dusk
Late on Friday (not long before the gig) I found out the Cheesy Riders were going to be on WFAA Channel 8.  One big catch - we had to be there by 6:15am!  Angelia and Julian going to the Heart of Heath 5k meant I'd have to wake Connor up early and bring him along.  He did really well but when we got there they notified us that we'd be on live in the 8 o'clock hour - ugh.  So, we hit McD's for some breakfast and then he rode around Victory Park until it was time.  Being the cutest Cheesy Rider, he of course stayed up front which meant plenty of TV face time!

I had a 4hr ride scheduled later in the day and Angelia was going to join me for part of it.  The plan was for me to do the same route as in this post with an extra loop at the north end.  Angelia was going to ride with me to the pit stop 18mi in then turn back.  That's not what happened.  She decided to forge ahead and join me on the full route.  Unfortunately several issues including hot spots on the feet and an unsettled stomach led to a struggle of a ride for her.  Despite all that, she really had a solid ride in the end covering 50 miles (we skipped the second north loop) with some nice hill climbs in the middle section.  Big kudos to Tri4SuccessMom for sticking it out!  With the slower than planned for pace we actually arrived home after dark, completing a day when I was out with my bike both before sunrise and after sunset.

Oh, and that Heart of Heath 5k I mentioned ..... Julian took 3rd place in his age group, but I'll save the details for Angelia's race recap.

Have a safe and happy Easter!

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Michael said...

I just love the first pic of your son!! Great job to Julian again! He's a fast kid. And I've mentioned before but the Cheesy Riders....I so want one of those jerseys!